Monday, 9 March 2015

Antonia Beri: An Experience On a Nigerian Flight Made Me Feel We Should Adopt Local Languages in Our Aviation Industry, Articles | THISDAY LIVE

Antonia Beri is definitely a woman pushing it in an industry dominated by men. She runs a safety outfit, Safety Consultants and Solution Providers  Limited. Trained in the United States of America where she bagged a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering, Antonia, as her colleagues call her, specialises in risk management, a safety process design. Recently, she developed an interest in the way safety in the nation’s aviation industry is being handled. Hold your breath: not about aircraft safety but pre-flight safety briefing. She believes this should be done in local languages as is being done in other countries. Antonia also feels no matter how busy a woman is, her family should come first. She tells Samuel Ajayi: ‘You have to strike a balance between work and family’.... Read More

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