Monday, 16 March 2015

Safety Training - An Essential Investment for Your Business

Look around your office. Now let us imagine there is an electric surge and a power source caught fire. What are you going to do next? Are your employees aware of what to do? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? Do you even have one?
It is only during an emergency, that you realize the importance of what you have missed; Adequate Safety Training.
Providing health & safety information and training helps you to:

  • Ensure you and your employees are not injured or made ill by the work you do.
  • Develop a positive health and safety culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.
  • Find out how you could manage health and safety better.
  • Meet your legal duty to protect the health & safety of your employees.
Effective Training:
  • Will contribute towards making your employees competent in health & safety.
  • Can help your business avoid the distress that accidents & ill health cause.
  • Can help you avoid the financial costs of accidents & occupational ill health.

In most businesses, health and safety troubles cost unnecessary losses each year. This is especially so for Small & Medium Enterprises or start-ups, which are not only dependent on the strength of their human resource, but are also limited in their financial resources to spare. Recent research by the University of Melbourne has concluded that workplace safety positively correlates to better business performance through increased productivity, lower costs, and ultimately, higher profitability.


Most individuals and organization tend to brush off the importance or relevance of safety training in their workplace, claiming that it is more of common sense than acquired knowledge. Yes indeed it is mostly common sense, but remember the mind loses its ability to think rationally or sensibly in the event of an emergency. You may know where the fire extinguisher is, but do you know how to use it safely and efficiently?
That is why proper Safety Training is important. You may not know what to do in every emergency situation, but it equips you with the confidence and the skill to think, process and act quickly and efficiently, to the best of your knowledge.


The advantage of proper Safety Training is to give you hands-on practice to familiarize you and your employees with safe practices so that you do not have to find yourself fumbling around with a fire extinguisher without knowing how to use it. Consider safety training and awareness a long-term investment. It is not merely a precaution to protect yourself from a fire, but also most things we take for granted. From small-scale ladder safety in the office, to larger scale operational safety in oil industries, safety training is essential in any workplace, in any industry.


Do not self-appoint an internal staff to conduct your initial safety check. Take no chances. Call in an external expert who can fill in your safety gaps for you. They will analyse your workplace with a fresh, objective perspective. A yearly budget kept aside for annual safety training will undoubtedly be less costly than paying off frequent damage repair expenses and your insurance sure doesn't cover all losses; Damaged products, lost production and demotivated staff can all result.

At Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited, we provide quality HSE training (from Basic HSE awareness, fire safety, crane safety working at height etc.) by certified professional consultants, packaged to meet the need of all organization. We provide free facility audits and recommend the solution that best fits the client need.

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