Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fire Safety is the Bedrock of any Security

Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited (SCSP) is quite unique and holistic in its approach to the issue of safety. The company, which services top of the rung corporate bodies like MTN and many oil and gas companies, relies on its experience, technical knowhow and expertise to attend to safety needs of its numerous clients.
According to Antonia Beri, Managing Director, SCSP, “we focus on providing cost effective, integrated safety consultancy solutions and services with emphasis on Fire Safety, Process Safety, HSE/MS Training, Technical Safety, Occupational Safety, Environmental Management Safety, Construction Safety and Pipe Integrity Management”.
She frowned at the approach of many property owners to the issue of fire safety which she lamented is much of reacting to fire outbreak rather than putting in place mechanisms that make detection of fire outbreak possible and containing it before it wreaks any havoc.
An American-trained expert and lead consultant on safety, Beri explained that “safety is the ability to exist without the fear of harm, danger or threats. In technical terms, it is the control of a recognized hazard to achieve an acceptable level of risk whilst taking into consideration protection from an event or exposure that causes health, human or economic losses”. See Full Article - The Guardian

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