Monday, 29 June 2015

Safe Behavior Observation

Unsafe behavior causes almost 90 % incidents in workplace. Many companies implement behavior based safety observation programs to eliminate unsafe behavior. The objectives of "BBS" programs are:

  •  Raise awareness to safe behaviors and how safe behaviors can help prevent incidents and injuries
  • Change behavior in the work place to safe behaviors and eliminate unsafe behaviors
  • Coach all site personnel on the importance of safe behaviors
  • Encourage personnel to behave safely at all times and recognize those personnel who set examples to others by conducting good safe behavior observations every day.
  • To enhance a safe working environment
  • To raise safety awareness and maintain high levels of awareness in regards to unsafe behaviors and hazards
  • To increase the communication and interaction between all work force.
  • To increase employees awareness in regards to unsafe behaviors and to always use safe behavior when working.
  • To empower all personnel with the authority to stop the job if it is unsafe, as well as stop any individual who is behaving in an unsafe way and thereby presents a hazard to himself and others.

No matter how expert we are or how excellent our technology is, if we are not behaving safely it can lead to an accident. There are Five (5) major behavior categories to be observed in accordance with safe behavior observation that could impact a person’s health and safety;
  1. PPE
  2. General Behaviors
  3. Tools & equipment
  4. Body position
  5. Procedures

 ~  Culled from HSE Article

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