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10 Fingers.. 10 Toes.. #SafetyinSchoolCounts

10 Fingers.. 10 Toes.. #SafetyinSchoolCounts
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As the summer holidays come to an end, there is something that is common at this time especially for those that have kids. SCHOOL, either selecting a new school or resuming an academic session. School safety is an important factor to consider. Parents are particularly concerned about school security and school safety because no parent want to lose their kids to an accident or have kids coming home with ill health and injuries as a result of things they are exposed to at their school.
Why should we care about safe schools?
According to an article in Vanguard Education published on October, 2015. “There are at least three compelling reasons for asserting a focus on safe schools.
  • Without safe schools, our dream of harnessing the power of education for achieving goals in health, food, employment, environmental, energy, security, among a miscellany of other subsets of human security will come to naught.
  • Without safe schools, Education for All will remain a pipe dream
  • attainment of post-2015 global development goals.

Without safe schools, quality education yearned by all countries of the world will be hindered. The terminal point of the logic is: no safe schools and no future for the world.” ……One of the most important promises made by schools is safety of the children, students, while they are in the school or within a stipulated set of hours. The issues are; are these promises being kept? Are schools safe?
Most school proprietors will answer “YES” to the above question and also bring in some philosophical sentiments. If you press further they will most likely tell you they have Security guards and some security provision and also they have faith that no harm will befall them as long as they pray and God protect their students. But this is not safety.

So, let's clarify school safety:
Safety, in this context, is about keeping the school environment free of hazardous situations that could put at risk the lives of students or school pupils.

There are two areas to watch out for when it comes to safety, Unsafe conditions and Unsafe acts. Unsafe conditions refer to situations or circumstances that jeopardize the safety of your students. Some unsafe conditions are (Slippery floor, hazardous chemicals like asbestos in the school environment, inflammable substances (Petrol, Lab Chemicals), crowded classrooms, Poor construction etc.)
With this in mind, we can agree that a large percentage of schools in Nigeria are not safe in the accepted sense of the word, most classrooms are crowded, obviously, more money for the school but then more jeopardy for student safety. Fire exits and fire extinguishers are missing or present and not adequate, no safety signages and fire drill is not a culture, no adequate first aid provision, and there is general lack of knowledge about safety among students, teachers and workers.

Keeping a school secure and safe is a very important task that should not be taken lightly. There are many ways to increase safety of schools and minimize risks of attacks and other dangers. The importance of having a safe and secure learning environment for the academic development of Nigerian students cannot be overemphasized. If you are a school owner, you need to fix these safety issues urgently, if they exist in your school.
The solution is simple, a school safety management system should be drawn up by qualified safety professionals, with adequate risk assessment of the Hazards present and the ways to eliminate them, through safe practice, use of safety signages, emergency lights and evacuation signs, fire extinguishers, safety training for staffs and student on how to respond in case of an emergency.
As a forward looking Safety company, Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited is ready to work with as many public and private schools to ensure the safety of the students in their custody. This includes Provision of First aid items, Fire extinguishers, Safety Signages, emergency evacuation plans, conduct drills and organize safety training at all levels of education from the Nursery level up to the tertiary level. Kindly visit our online shop on also contact us at today for a free safety consultation.

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